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Sales Engineer
Sales Director, Geospatial
Vision and values

What makes us a team


We strive for it in everything, knowing we will fall short sometimes. It’s the attitude and the perseverance that matters.


Intellectual Honesty
We believe the best ideas deserve to be implemented, and the best ideas can come from anyone.


Work / Life Balance
Everyone has a responsibility to bring their best to work and support those around them. We work hard, but we also have lives outside of work and we live them to the fullest.


Deep Respect
Hand in hand with intellectual honesty is a deep respect for fellow employees, for customers, and for the community.


We’re proud to call Charlottesville home. Our office is right off the Downtown Mall so we can stay involved and give back to the community that fostered, encouraged, and supported us prior to launching Astraea.


Diversity and Inclusion
We believe that diversity fosters a stronger team, a better workplace, and a more successful company.
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