As a benefit corporation, our mission is to drive business towards a more sustainable future. We work with companies across various industries and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies, to NGOs, and early-stage startups, to create flexible contracts, catered to your specific needs

Unlock value that grows as you do

Subscription access to our powerful platform
  • Increase your analysts’ productivity: Iterate faster and reduce processing time by leveraging Astraea's scalable compute environment and embedded labeling teams.
  • Uncover trends and stay ahead of the curve: View and analyze your sites across time. Derive aggregated and site-specific insights over time with human-readable, customizable dashboards. Get access to proprietary data from Astraea to spot opportunities where others can't.
  • Increase alignment within your organization: Communicate context with Map Notes. Streamline collaboration by with user-friendly sharing and commenting features.
  • Streamline insights with simplified integration: Use our API to task satellite data and access your private data repositories. Easily import data for analysis in the platform and export results for use in other systems.
Pay-as-you-grow imagery ordering
  • Strategic acquisition: Configure and automate imagery your own acquisition strategies, such as recurring orders. Consult with Astraea's imagery experts for additional support.
  • Highest quality imagery: Acquire imagery with resolutions up to 7.5 cm, the best coverage, and the fastest delivery to yield the most accurate insights when you need them.
  • Easy and scalable access: Replace weeks of tedious, manual work with just a few clicks to source all your data needs from one API, under one contract.
  • An expanding catalogue: Get access to a curated collection of public data and growing list of commercial products, including imagery, SAR, and other spatial-temporal data.

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