Release Notes

July 19, 2023

New and improved data management features

We have made significant improvements to the Data Management section to provide you with a centralized space for managing all geospatial data and layers associated with your projects. You can now access and manage the following types of datasets and layers:
The Add Data button allows you to quickly upload data in shapefile (zipped), .kmz, .geojson, or .geopackage format. 
Search: Quickly search for a dataset by name using the search bar.
Manage: Customize the look and feel of your data as it is displayed on the map, as well as update the name and description of the layer by clicking on the Manage button.
Download: Export a copy of your own data or layers you have download permissions for in geojson, shapefile, or geopackage format by clicking on the Download button. Choose the desired file type and wait for the download to process. When ready, click “download” to complete the process. Note: you will always have download permissions for the data you upload to Astraea.
More Options:  Clicking the [… ] icon provides some additional actions such as
  • Add to project as layer: Quickly add a dataset into an existing project as view-only layers. This feature is particularly useful for adding overlays or reference layers to your imagery. 
  • Delete: Deletes the dataset from your account. Note that datasets cannot be deleted if they have dependencies or projects associated to them.
Check out what’s new under Data Management.

July 17, 2023

A comprehensive view of all of your orders 

Our new Order Management tab is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and efficient view of their imagery tasking orders, credit balances, and credit forecasts on the Astraea Platform. This update empowers users with tools for tracking and managing their imagery transactions and budget. Here's what you can expect:
The Overview window displays your current credit balance, forecasted spend (based on scheduled orders), as well as how many pending and scheduled orders are currently associated with your account.
The Credits Forecast section provides an estimate of the future cost of recurring orders, helping you plan and manage your credit balance accordingly. This forecast enables you to budget effectively and ensure all planned tasking orders can be processed without any interruptions.
Order List:
The improved Order List displays all your scheduled and fulfilled orders in one convenient location. You can access valuable insights such as:
Cancellation and Order Editing:
Manage your orders using the following features:
Order Status: 
The following statuses can apply to orders on the Astraea Platform: 
Filters and Sorting:
You can filter or sort your orders by the following criteria:
Check out the new Order Management tab or try these new order management features from the API