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Create scalable geospatial analytics while leveraging talents across your organization

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Everything you need to leverage geospatial data in one place

Our powerful platform
  • Increase your analysts’ productivity: Iterate faster and reduce processing time by leveraging Astræa's scalable compute environment and labeling functionality.
  • Uncover trends and stay ahead of the curve: View and analyze your sites across time. Derive aggregated and site-specific insights over time with human-readable, customizable dashboards.
  • Increase alignment within your organization: Communicate context with MapNotes. Improve collaboration with user-friendly sharing and commenting features.
  • Streamline insights with simplified integration: Use our API to task satellite data and access your private data repositories. Easily import data for analysis in the platform and export results for use in other systems.
Order imagery on demand
  • Strategic acquisition: Configure and automate imagery your own acquisition strategies, such as recurring orders. Consult with Astraea's imagery experts for additional support.
  • Highest quality imagery: Acquire imagery with resolutions up to 7.5 cm, the best coverage, and the fastest delivery to yield the most accurate insights when you need them.
  • Easy and scalable access: Replace weeks of tedious, manual work with just a few clicks to source all your data needs from one API, under one contract.
  • An expanding catalogue: Get access to a curated collection of public data and growing list of commercial products, including imagery, SAR, and other spatial-temporal data.

We offer NGOs and Non-Profits reduced pricing.

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Tailored solutions for industry verticals

Real Estate
Uncover new areas for site development, track construction progress, and accelerate project diligence with reports to share with your teams or investors
Renewable Energy
Monitor infrastructure assets in real time, gain insight into energy transition, and collaborate across teams from origination to exit
Conservation Finance
Leverage our change detection algorithms and real-time imagery to detect conservation efforts or verify carbon credits with our digital MRV capabilities
Rapidly generate derived analytics to enhance precision agriculture and support sustainability efforts in your fields
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