Our Story

Empowering the energy transition through spatial intelligence

We’re not just data scientists; we're visionaries. With spatial intelligence at our core, we’re redefining site origination and land development by unlocking the power of place. We're connecting dots in the landscape, revealing hidden opportunities, and helping our partners optimize and de-risk their investments in renewable energy infrastructure.
We built a one-stop spatial intelligence platform, combining real-time imagery,  cutting-edge analytics, and a curated and refined selection of both proprietary and regional datasets to give renewable energy developers and investors the power to reshape the future of energy.

Our Name

Inspired by the ancient goddess Astraea, our name reflects our commitment to justice and the planet.

Astraea is more than a company; it's a commitment to the planet and its people. Just as Astraea, the ancient goddess of justice, bridged the heavens and Earth, we bridge the gap between the past and a new age of sustainable energy.
Here at Astraea, we see the Earth as it could be. Our mission is clear: to be a driving force for the energy transition, to make the world a better place through data-driven, sustainable choices. We bring intelligence to the grid, purpose to your projects, and the power of place to your fingertips.