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Unlock key insights about your business with real-time imagery, analytics, and dashboards

Astraea provides an end-to-end platform so your team can:

  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Sharpen your competitive edge with AI
  • Empower users across your organization
  • Accelerate your business

Create scalable geospatial analytics while leveraging talents across your organization


  • Task real-time satellite imagery using Astraea’s vast partnership network
  • View your projects in high resolution and identify project risks
  • Detect site changes by leveraging our machine learning and analytics


  • Unlock insights essential to your core business decisions, in a fraction of the time.
  • Blend complex imagery files with your data seamlessly to get to the answers you need
  • Innovate faster than your competitors through our cutting-edge technology and analytics


  • Build customizable dashboards that track your organization’s key indices
  • Leverage an end-to-end platform to share analysis throughout a project’s lifecycle
  • Empower technical and nontechnical users alike to work together
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