New Mapping Tools for Commercial Real Estate

Jamie Conklin
September 26, 2022

In my last article, I made the case that satellite imagery has a key role to play in support of commercial real estate.  Here, I offer a solution to make that possible.

EarthAI Site is a collaborative, online geospatial tool for viewing sites on Earth. With EarthAI Site, you can quickly view up-to-date imagery of your properties. Then, you can do everything you've always done in Google Earth with your team. EarthAI is designed from the ground up to enable collaboration. Share comments, manage projects, add layers, and organize your sites with your team. No more sharing .kmz files via email. No more looking for the most up-to-date layer.

Here are some of the things you can do with EarthAI Site:

1. Search for a property

EarthAI site leverages the best address and point of interest database available to make searching for your site a breeze. You can search by address, nearby point of interest, or geospatial coordinates.

2. View up-to-date imagery

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect site on Google Earth only to realize someone is already developing it!  EarthAI Site has up-to-date satellite and aerial imagery so you can see what is happening on the ground now. To get a closer look, you can task a high-resolution satellite image of your property with only a few clicks. Astraea has partnered with numerous providers to bring you the imagery you need without all the hassle or complexity.

3. View Parcels

EarthAI Site has U.S. Parcel data included so you can get up-to-date property information at your fingertips. Research boundaries, find ownership information, and view zoning information. View property area information and measure property boundaries using built-in measurement tools.

4. View the terrain

Viewing a site from above is one thing, but terrain plays a key role in a site's usability. Find buildable areas on each parcel using built-in terrain layers. Find a property's elevation easily too.

5. Import and overlay your data

Whether you have a library of .kml files or a shapefile from a GIS application, EarthAI Site makes it easy to upload your data to overlay on your maps. Share these data with your team so you are all working with the same information.

6. Take measurements

Taking basic measurements on a map allows you to estimate how the property can be used.  Is there enough space for a building here, or a parking lot there?

7. Take it to the next level

EarthAI Site has advanced site selection tools and analytics for advanced users. Combine imagery, parcel data, and AI-derived features to find and prioritize sites for your next development activity. As your organization grows and leverages imagery in new ways, EarthAI has an integrated analytics platform you can grow into.

EarthAI Site is built to work with your existing tools to enable CRE professionals to take advantage of satellite imagery and geospatial analytics. If you'd like to learn more please reach out to the Astraea Team.

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