Site Origination

Optimize your site selection and due diligence with our geospatial insights

Why Renewable Energy Siting Matters

Choosing the right location for your renewable energy project can make all the difference. Site selection impacts efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall project viability. At Astraea, we recognize that every parcel, elevation, and environmental factor matters in determining the perfect site for wind, solar, or battery storage projects. By harnessing the power of geospatial data and advanced analytics, we provide the key to unlocking optimal sites for your renewable energy ventures.
What You Get

How Astraea Helps You Grow

Comprehensive, Quality Data

  • Gain access to exclusive substation data, meticulously verified by our team of experts
  • Utilize our platform to explore detailed data on parcels, elevation, and wetlands, enabling comprehensive site evaluations
  • Integrate diverse data sources to identify locations that perfectly align with your renewable energy project requirements

Roadblock Identification

  • Avoid project hurdles by utilizing our platform's capabilities to identify potential obstacles in advance, such as permitting delays or environmental concerns
  • Integrate our platform's insights into your project planning process to optimize decision-making and minimize risk exposure
  • Gain access to enhanced commercial-grade parcel data, enabling you to accurately address purchasing, evaluate zoning, and avoid project delays

Roadblock Identification

  • Avoid project hurdles by utilizing our platform's capabilities to identify potential obstacles in advance.
  • Enhance your project planning and mitigate risks effectively.

Real-time Data Collection and Triggering

  • Leverage our flexible API ordering process to create triggers and collect data precisely when you need it
  • Stay ahead of the curve by acquiring data rapidly in response to unforeseen events or evolving risks
  • Continuously monitor critical sites in near real-time to make informed decisions and optimize project performance

Benefits of Choosing Astraea

Access Comprehensive Data for Decision-Making
Utilize our platform to access a wealth of geospatial data, including parcel information, elevation, and wetland data, providing a holistic view of your project sites.
Collaborate Seamlessly on Due Diligence
Astraea provides tools for effective collaboration with stakeholders, making your project management more efficient and ensuring swift progress
Minimize Risks and Roadblocks
Identify potential issues early on, mitigating risks that could impede your project's success.
Other Use Cases

Check Out More Use Cases

Construction monitoring
Get insight into precisely when construction starts and how construction is progressing for both owned sites and your competitors’ new projects. Access high-res imagery and change detection analytics to respond in real-time.
Risk mitigation
Identify vulnerabilities in prospective sites and active ones, whether it's scoping wetlands before environmental impact assessments or potential impacts from easement activity.

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